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SIMATIC NET PROFIBUS CP 5711 Released for Delivery
SIMATIC NET PROFIBUS CP 5711 Released for Delivery
核心提示:1. Product description The CP 5711 is an innovation of the existing SIMATIC NET CP 5512 for PGs/PCs with USB V2.0 ports. With its USB V2.0 connection, the CP 5711 can be used on many


1. Product description

SIMATIC NET PROFIBUS CP 5711 Released for Delivery

SIMATIC NET PROFIBUS CP 5711 Released for Delivery

The CP 5711 is an innovation of the existing SIMATIC NET CP 5512 for PGs/PCs with USB V2.0 ports. With its USB V2.0 connection, the CP 5711 can be used on many different computer platforms.     

  • Innovation of the PG/PC connector technology for USB V2.0:
    The CP 5711 is connected via a USB V2.0 port, allowing flexible use of the module. USB V2.0 is available on many computer platforms and applications for the CP 5711 are therefore manifold. The CP 5711 can also be used on a USB V1.1 port, but the performance will be lower in this case.
  • Functionally compatible with the CP 5512, as well as PC Adapter USB
    Applications created for the CP 5512 can be used for the CP 5711 without any changes to the configuration or the user software.
    The CP 5711 is functionally compatible with the PC Adapter USB for engineering applications (e.g. STEP7)
  • + 5 V Power supply from USB V2.0
    The communication processor is supplied with power from the USB port of the PC system.  
  • +24 V optional external power supply
    The external 24 V power supply covers two application areas:
            - The power supply from the USB V2.0 port is not sufficient (power supply of the PC is too weak; USB ports are not designed for 500 mA USB standard)
            - PROFIBUS Termination is assured even when the USB cable is disconnected (active supply of the PROFIBUS connection termination)

    SIMATIC S7 or SITOP power supplies can be used to provide the external voltage supply.
  • Mechanical USB latching
    Additional mechanical latching of the included USB connecting cable on the housing of the CP 5711. This safeguards the USB connection in the case of mobile use and also for applications in switchboards.
  • Diagnostic information via LEDs
    Five LEDs are available on the CP 5711 communication processor to provide extensive diagnostics (power USB, power external, identify, Link/SF and Activity.
        - Power USB = module is supplied with 5 V from the USB port
        - Power Ext = module is supplied with 24 V from an external source
        - Identify = USB identification phase - startup phase of the module
        - Link/System Fault = two-colored LED (green/red) providing the user with status information:
                            - the LED lights up green when subscribers are identified on the connected PROFIBUS network (Link Status).
                            - the LED lights up red if an error occurs on the CP 5711.
    - Activity = the module has synchronized itself on the PROFIBUS network and the PROFIBUS token is available on the PROFIBUS network.  
  • Mounting on a mounting rail (with optional accessories)
    A separate mounting bracket is available for use of the CP 5711 in switchboards and mounting on 35 mm standard rails.

The existing CP 5512 module with Cardbus technology will continue to be sold in parallel with the CP 5711. Our customers thus have flexibility and can decide freely whether they wish to use a vacant Cardbus slot, or a USB port to operate the relevant SIMATIC NET communication processor. An additional area of application are PC-based systems with no separate card slot and only USB ports.

2. Ordering data

Product Name Order No. Remark
CP 5711 6GK1571-1AA00 CP 5711 Hardware, operating instructions, USB cable
CP 5711 + MPI cable 6GK1571-1AM00 CP 5711 Hardware, operating instructions, USB cable, 5 m MPI cable
Mounting rail bracket for CP 5711 6GK1571-1AA00-0AH0  

3. Target applications

Target applications for the SIMATIC NET CP 5711 are service and engineering (e.g. with STEP 7 for plant commissioning). Other options include customer applications (e.g. HMI, SCADA, PC-based controllers, etc.) on PC systems with a USB port.

Application area:

- STEP 7 with V5.4 SP 5

- WinCC

- WinCC Flexible 

- Micro/WIN

- SOFTNET-DP with Version 7.1 + SP1*

- SOFTNET-S7 with Version 7.1 + SP1*

- SOFTNET DP Slave with Version 7.1 + SP1*

* Service Pack 1 for the SIMATIC NET CD 2008 (Version 7.1) will be included in the scope of supply of the CP 5711 for updating. Preconditions for operation: SOFTNET product with a valid License Key.

4. Technical data


Transmission rates

9.6 kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s


  • Connection to PROFIBUS
  • Connection to PG/PC

9-pole Sub-D socket
USB V2.0
Supply voltage 5V +/- 5% DC
max. current 500 mA
max. power dissipation 2.5 W
Permitted ambient temperatures
  • During operation
  • Transport and storage

- 20 °C to + 60°C (no condensation)
- 40°C to + 70°C
Mechanical design
  • Dimensions (W x L x H) in mm
  • Weight

85 x 137 x 35

5. Miscellaneous

PROFIBUS network analysis software products, e.g. PROFIBUS Amprolyzer, are presently not supported by the CP 5711. This implementation will follow at a later date and will be published in a separate SIMATIC NET Update.  

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